Road Closure Tidbits

Palomares Road has finally been reopened by Alameda County. The slides have been mostly cleared but there is one section that has only one lane open. Details about Palomares as well as other East Bay roads can be found here.

Morgan Territory Road is open today but it is only temporary. You can read the details here. The county seems to be planning to open the road on a very limited basis until the slide stops moving and it can effect permanent repairs.

Mt. Hamilton Road has been closed since Feb. 20 due to a washout, however repairs are underway. If you want to go up Hamilton from the Bay side, you will have to take Quimby to bypass the closure. Quimby is very steep. Ray Hosler has some details on his blog.

And yes, Alhambra Valley Road–part of the Three Bears loop–is still closed with no repair in the near future. Get used to riding up Pig Farm if you do the Bears counterclockwise.