Palomares Update

Palomares Road was closed today—the fourth time this season—in order to clear it of debris, stabilize the hillside, and presumably to restore the road to its pre-mudslide condition. Palomares is not expected to reopen before May 5. More info is here.

As you already know, Redwood Road near Castro Valley is also closed. If you would like to see what it looks like, go here.

Finally, this one escaped my notice and probably doesn’t matter to most of you: Collier Canyon Road near Livermore suffered some winter damage and is currently down to one lane. The county is asking people to avoid using it. This is unfortunate because Collier Canyon Road is BEAUTIFUL at this time of year because it is verdant green ranch land. This road is just outside the county green line and has managed to avoid annexation to Livermore at least twice, which if it had succeeded would have surely meant massive residential development.