Will It Never End? Skyline Blvd. Closed [addendum]

Ray Hosler reports that over on the Midpeninsula, Skyline Boulevard at Castle Rock State Park is closed due to an immense slip that wiped out the entire road. You can see the incredible pic here. For most Spokers this section of Skyline is way out of their regular riding territory. But if you’re planning to head south on Skyline towards Hwy 17, you are going to have to find another route. Ray mentions the Skyline Trail adjacent to the road but this is a dirt track, so it’s only for those of you who don’t mind riding your road bikes on non-asphalt. From the size of the slip it is going to be a very long time before this section is repaired–the road is completely gone.

Yesterday we had the fortune of riding near Sebastopol on the Apple Blossom ride (more on that on the next post). Although everything we rode was open, there are numerous closures and partial closures of our favorite cycling roads. You can see the complete list here. Note that Old Caz, Austin Creek, Old Duncans Grade, and Geysers Road are completely closed. There are sections of the Bohemian Hwy., Hwy 116, and Hwy 1 at Bodega Bay, and Mill Creek Road that are down to one lane. If you’re heading up to the Sonoma or Guerneville area to ride, check to make sure you don’t unexpectedly confront a road block.

Addendum: In yesterday’s East Bay Times there was an article about the road closure on Morgan Territory Road. Although the road is closed to car traffic, pedestrian and bicycle traffic are crossing the slide area. The road is listed as closed on the county public works site, but that doesn’t seem to prevent cyclists from using it. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should bike there. But it is possible for cyclists to cross the slide area.