East Bay Road Update – August [Updated 9/5]

News has been quiet on the various East Bay/Contra Costa road closures. But there have been some updates.

Palomares Road: “Alameda County Public Works Agency is extending the closure of Palomares Road to all traffic between Palo Verde Road, Castro Valley, and Niles Canyon Road, Fremont, through September 22, 2017. Crews have completed the slide repair, removed loose rocks and debris from the hillside, placed protective netting along the slope above the roadway, and installed rock slope protection along the embankment.  These measures should add protection from debris falling onto the roadway during future storm events. Both the Contractor and Public Works Agency crews are finalizing the installation of a debris barrier at the base of the slope, completing roadway surface repairs, and striping the travel lanes to enable reopening Palomares Road to all users.”

Calaveras Road: Calaveras Road was reopened by the City of Milpitas on Friday 9/1. Further repairs do not entail complete closing of the road but may necessitate temporary traffic delays.

Alhambra Valley Road: Earlier the projection for the repair completion was by the end of September–possibly just before the Fall Social! But the August 5 project update says the contractor is behind schedule, has no anticipated catch up schedule, and the end date has therefore been pushed to October 9.

Morgan Territory Road: Steel soldier piles have been erected as part of the retaining wall to prevent the hillside from encroaching on the road. But the end date is still projected to be “mid-October”.

Redwood Road: No update. Roger and I rode out Redwood a few days ago to check it out. The K barrier has been moved up to the Marciel Road entrance of Chabot Regional Park since we were last there the day it closed. We took Marciel to Brandon Trail, which is a very nice wide fire road all the way to the golf course. Although it had a couple of short sandy sections and one moderately bad washboard section, it was still quite doable on road bikes. The return going uphill was fine too.

Canyon Bridge: no official update but an NBC news report refers to the projected date of the temporary one-lane bridge opening as November. The Lamorinda Weekly reports that the demolition of the Canyon bridge is delayed because Sprint has to reroute a cable under the creek and is encountering problems. The demolition is supposed to start mid-September as long as the permits are in order and the contractor will have just 21 days to finish. The city of Moraga plans to rent a metal bridge and is currently still seeking one. But the site will have to be prepped for the temporary bridge.

Skyline Boulevard on the Peninsula: not in the East Bay but an important byway for recreational road cyclists. As of May 25 the projected end date for Caltrans repairs is September 30.