We Recruit!


For a measly $20 you can support Different Spokes—that’s the cost of an annual membership. Different Spokes survives on folks willing to fork over a pittance. Almost all of you live in the Bay Area and know that $20 doesn’t get you very much. It’s way less than the cost of a good bike tire, about the cost of two cheap inner tubes, and just a bit more than a decent lunch. In a world of $4 lattes an annual membership in Different Spokes is a mere trifle to support your local LGBT cycling club!

We’re coming up to the end of the year when it’s time to renew. I know it’s easy to ignore that email reminding you to re-up especially with the prospect of yet another orgy of profligate holiday gifting. But your membership helps Different Spokes keep the lights on so please don’t ignore it. Membership dues barely pay for the ongoing running costs of the club. And by “running costs” we don’t mean Tony’s fabulous Rapha outfits! It means the web hosting, the liability insurance, our PO box, and just part of the expenses for our regular events such as the holiday party, the club picnic, and the Fall Social.

There are many other community organizations that deserve your donation or membership. If you are pondering whether to give that $20 to us or to the ACLU, in the era we are living in you know where it should go! But we hope that Different Spokes’ existence will continue to provide you with lots of fun, camaraderie, and relief from the grim reality in which we live. So please join/rejoin for 2018!

You don’t want that day to come when you click to get to the ride calendar and instead you get “404 Page Not Found”!