San Francisco Water Torture

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Warning: this is an insipid rant.

Everything was “set” for the reopening of Calaveras Road, right? Until it wasn’t. After getting multiple assurances from SF Water that it really, really, really was going to reopen on Sunday, September 30, David Gaus beat me to the punch and posted a ride traversing it that day. That’s cool–we’re going to ride Calaveras, finally! Today I get an email from SF Water that, well, Calaveras really isn’t going to open on 9/30 after all. But it really, really, really will reopen Friday, November 2! Unless it isn’t. [Update: it’s now set to open on Saturday November 3.]

That’s been the story for a long time. SF Water always finds some reason not to open Calaveras. Although the closure is an inconvenience, what is more than irksome is the repeated obfuscation on the opening date and then reneging. Like a kid who just can’t stop lying, there’s little credibility in their press releases.

This is the last major road in Northern California that has not reopened after the winter of 2016-17. Even Highway One, which was inundated by over three million cubic feet of landslide was cleared and rebuilt before Calaveras. The winter damage to Calaveras was certainly a convenient excuse for SF Water to shut down the road to all traffic so they could try to catch up on their way-behind-schedule dam reconstruction.

Hey, SF Water, Calaveras is not your private road.