Different Spokes Chiang Mai!

“Wearing our freak flag high”

This past winter longtime Spoker Roy Schachter ditched the 40+ hour per week grind to retire to Thailand, specifically Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Of course one of the difficult parts of his move was, “Gee, which bikes should I take to my new home??” [The only right answer is ‘all of them!’]

“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?”

You’ll find him there now enjoying the hella good life, studying Thai, riding his bikes when it’s not incredibly hot and the air quality is tolerable, and brushing up on the typology of Thai boys.

While it’s raining like heck here, it’s 96F and 90% humidity in Chiang Mai…

2 thoughts on “Different Spokes Chiang Mai!

  1. Hey buddy. Sorry not to have written earlier, but seems like there are less hours in the day not that I am retired. I think what it is is that I am not nearly as organized with my time, and before you know it, I have forgotten to write to my friend Roy again.
    Looks like it took you no time at all to begin finding ways to connect with people in your new habitat. And because there are no shortage of bikers over there, of course one of the ways to connect would be through a bike club. By the way, you look marvelous in feathers.
    Although I am sure there are many things to adapt to, starting with the language, it appears that you are adapting well. So happy for you and I do hope it is all that you expected and more.
    Please know that you are missed here in San Francisco.
    Your friend,


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