2019: That Was the Year That Was

How many Jersey Rides fit on the head of a pin?

A year rolls by and more often than not there is no thought of reflection or more accurately no interest in wasting more time on such a weighty matter as Different Spokes. However your Ride Coordinator has nothing better to do with his time than ponder the number of angels that fit on the head of a pin, so why not also plumb the philosophical depths by looking back on our ride statistics? If you are a member, you will find the 2019 Ride Coordinator Report in the Documents area (members only, folks!) of our website. (Go to Resources>Club Documents>Ride Coordination.)

Here you’ll find a summary of our ride stats, eg. number of rides/events, number of participants, who led them, status of the Jersey Ride, etc. Afterwards follows a narrative as to what all that dreck might mean (since meaning can be found anywhere, such as in the shapes of clouds or lines of your palm). However you are free to assign your interpretation to the raw numbers if you don’t like what you read. Remember: in the post-modern worldview there are no facts, just interpretations/narratives and truth is arbitrary, ie. Truth is what you think is ‘truth’. [Note: I can’t wait long enough for the post-post modern era to begin!]

Since you probably don’t have time (nor interest) in reading another TLDR item, here are some highlights:

  1. In 2019 we had slightly more rides on the calendar than the previous two years. We would have had more except for injured ride leaders (RLs).
  2. The increase is due to the current RLs leading more rides, not because we have more RLs.
  3. Jersey rides consistently get better turnout than other rides overall.
  4. Instead of focusing on getting more rides on the calendar, we should consider shifting focus to getting more participants to show up on the rides we do offer.
  5. There are several ways we could do that involving internal and external outreach (read report for details).