What Different Spokes Has Meant To Me: Joan Murphy

Here we are at 40 years! How has the club managed to survive this long? Members and former members reflect and speak out about the club and what it has meant to them. Here’s Joan’s comment.

DSSF can most succinctly be summarized by one phrase: Open Arms. The immediate acceptance and support I received from the club has been amazing. It’s not just me, and it’s not just at this time. My first rides with DSSF go back to the days when David Gaus was president; then as now, the club readily welcomes all. In these dark days of cloudy social-factioning, that’s a pretty special thing. When you add in being a transwoman who shows up to road rides with a mountain bike, well that club kindness is a pretty remarkable thing! This is why I keep showing up to rides – for the people who make DSSF what it is, and for the super friends that I’ve made there. We’re all pretty lucky to have each other, so let’s keep our arms outstretched in support of one and all. Big HUG!  

— Joan