Different Spokes 30th Anniversary Primal Club store is now open!

The Different Spokes Primal Club Store with the 30th Anniversary Jersey/Kit is open now.
You can place your order your new 30th Anniversary jersey/kit featuring the new club logo!
You must complete your order by Monday, January 14th. The store closes then and the order will go to production. Do not miss your chance!

You can order your choice(s) of:
Men’s (unisex) jersey: $54.00*
Men’s wind vest: $60.00
Men’s wind jacket: $83.00
Men’s short: $70.00
Men’s bibs: $85.00

*Subject to reaching the price point of 50 items, price could be slightly higher if we do not reach that quantity.

Because there is a minimum of 15 items, we were unable to offer any of the items in the women’s cut. Sorry, there was not enough interest in the poll.
Please consider the men’s jersey, see the Primal size guide here:

Orders will ship in mid-April direct to you.
Shipping charges will be $10/order.

Go to:

You can view the 30 Year jersey and kit final proofs at this link:

If you have any questions, please contact me: president at dssf dot org

And many thanks again to Bob McDiarmid for the design!

June Jersey Ride

June’s Jersey ride almost had more non-riding Spokers show in street clothes than actual riders. But by the time we rode out, we had 15 riders with one more joining us at the northern GG bridge parking lot. And we had a great mix of members, long time and new, along with several SFBC riders who joined us for their first DSSF Jersey Ride.

No one was up for doing Conzelman in the morning, it was a bit foggy and cool, but on the return trip, the David G’s opted to add the loop on. And even then, looking back at the City the fog was still hanging around, just not very low.

May Jersey Ride

The temperatures were a bit chillier than the clear sky indicated, but that did not faze the 18 riders on the May Jersey ride. It was also great to be joined be DSSF founding member Howard Neckel. Returning member, Kepa Askenasy joined us on her new Bianchi, having replaced her 17 year old Specialized. Several members joined us along the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, those wanting that extra bit of sleep on a Saturday morning.

Raymond Pelayo and Michael Schmucki lead the morning Conzleman loop, joined by Joseph (5,000 miles before ALC) Collins and Larry L’Italien. Chris Contos, Patrick Heryford and myself led the rest doing the Camino Alto-Paradise Drive Tiburon Loop meeting up at Shark’s Deli, including Cameron Ross, John Coundouris, Wanderson Carlos, Yew Hoe Tan, Jeremy Jacobs, Rico Nappa and David Goldsmith. Unfortunately, we lost one guest rider along the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, David’s friend Rhette who came up from San Jose. We were also joined by Rob, a friend of Joseph’s, and Doug.

Lunch at Sharks Deli

On the return trip, Chris and I opted to do the Conzelman loop, and Joseph and Larry opted to repeat it with us, we considered returning thru the tunnel and coming back up under the bridge, but ultimately decided to climb back up McCullough and then back down Conzleman. Joseph took us an a detour through the Presidio to an old dilapidated former leper hospital, soon to be renevated to.. what else? luxury condos. Jospeh and Larry dropped off towards their respective homes and Chris and I arrived back at Peets to have coffee with Michael.

Look forward to seeing you all next month!