Ride Report: Pescadero Loop

Thanks to Erik, Les, and Jeremy (welcome to DSSF!) for joining me for my Birthday Ride today. We rode the Pescadero Loop from the Half Moon Bay fire station. Great weather, slighly more car traffic than I’ve seen in the past. I’m happy to report that Stage Road has been repaired. In the past the road has been filled with holes and chunks of asphalt, which made for a challenging descent on the downhill after lunch at Pescadero. Speaking of lunch, we did the usual: Ordered a sandwich at the store and relaxed at the picnic tables in back. But this evening a friend told me that there is a taqueria in the gas station on the corner which got written up in the New York Times food section. Must be good food. I’ll try that next time, a welcome change to a sandwich.

Also happy to report that, as you’ve probably heard, Highway 1 has re-opened at Devil’s Slide. This is very good news for me as I live on the southwest corner of San Francisco, and Hwy 1 is the quickest way for me to get to Half Moon Bay.

Here are a couple pictures from today’s ride. The hills were challenging as always.

Courtesy of gocomics.com