DSSF Rocks!

Hey guys, 

I woke up this morning thinking about you. DSSF has basically taught me everything I know about road riding. I remember my first ride with Stephanie over a year ago on my Mt bike. I kept thinking I’m ready for something like this. My body was out of shape from being out to sea for 2 years and this was exactly what I needed to get me going. The following week I bought my Serotta. Since then (as you know) I have been addicted to cycling. It’s amazing to me that my fitness improved so much I was able to complete a ride like the ALC. When I first joined I heard spokers talk about 100 mile rides. Was that possible? A month later I completed one. I am appreciative of this club and all the riders that have brought me up simply by doing something we all love. I respect you all and look forward to learning more and also sharing to new spokers as they come along.