Evil Step Sisters

April 5th DSSF had our own metric century — the Evil Stepsisters timed to coincide with the Cinderella Classic, with Michael S, Joe H, Ann D, Wanderson, Jeff P and Erik L. It was a real pleasure to have
Marty C. join us. Marty said he hadn’t been on his bike in nearly a year. He’d been at a Battlestar Gallatica season-opener party the night before. He started talking to Michael. Got inspired and got up
at the crack of dawn game for taking on Mt. Tam.

The route is the Alpine Damn loop and we took the Fairfield first route. The group was small and stayed fairly close together. We had a pit stop at Ruilli Gran Cafe in Larkspur, where we picked up some food and another at Fairfax.

It was a great day for riding — sunny but pleasantly clear and cool.

Lunch at the dam was a tranquil as usual. Alpine Dam is such a peaceful place. Climb up Mt Tam — check. But the seven sisters were the real evil stepsisters on this ride. Big. Ugly and Hostile.

Little did we know that during this time Roger C and Will B were leading a later ride hoping to catch up to us. Apparently, they just missed us at the PanToll station but Schmuki was able to have a coffee with them when they met up a Peet’s.