Saddle Challenge – Update #1

The challenge stared pretty well, thanks for some reprieve in the rainy weather, and the adventure of two challengers in the Death Valley.

Don’t forget, it not too late to sign up!
Just go to and enter your first and last name, and the password “SC2010”
You can of course retroactively enter your miles of the month.

Right now we have definitely two champions both in term of miles and % done: Doug and Larry who did the Death Valley double Century last Saturday! Doug completed the full 200 miles and Larry, more sensibly limited himself to 150. They both done more than 30% of their goal, well on their way.

David, David, Will and Jerome also got to accrue some miles on David & David’s “Bovine and Cowgirl” ride, which was fantastic, in spite of its excessive number of Davids 🙂
Last weekend, Joseph also lead a ride to the Cheese Factory, with even more miles, so you who joined his ride, why don’t you sign up?

Again, just go to and enter your first and last name, and the password “SC2010”.
You get more explanation on the blog and of course don’t hesitate to bug me if you have any problem.

Other stats:
561 miles have been ridden so far.
The two biggest days were of course Saturday with 344 miles and Sunday with 176 miles.
We raised $143.

Happy riding!