Ride Flash: Thursday Conzelman Loop

After unrelenting rain, the teeming masses are craving ride time! So much so that a gang of five (Wly, Mark, Eric, Patrick and Chris C) joined me for the first Marin Headlands after work ride of the season. Not too shabby for a Flash Ride! just added to the calendar on Tuesday…

Braving roads littered with drunken pedestrians and motorists after the Giants home opener, we departed from the Ferry Building at 6pm for a relatively brisk ride around the Embarcadero. We dodged yuppy joggers through the Marina Green, German tourists on the wrong side of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the intense glare coming from Wly’s Pink Flamingo Socks along the 22 mile round trip.

Once across, we had just enough daylight for one ascent up our favorite local hill. As the days continue to get longer, hopefully we will be able to get two (or more!) climbs in before darkness falls.

Anyone else besides me think we should make this Thursday ride a regular feature on our calendar for the season? I am game, but unfortunately can’t commit to leading it every week, so who else is game?