Notes from the Board

An informal gathering of board members was held on 9/9/06 with Jerome Thomere, Scott Steffens, Dave Glidden and Michael Schmucki.

Membership Report: The club stands at about 150 paying members.

Finance Report: The club has $2100 in the bank.

Jersey ride: Dave noted that we have been having great turn out for the jersey ride. Today we had 31 people including about 6 new members. Dave asked board members to make an effort to seek out the new riders. He’d like to make sure they are all greeted, introduced around and that be given help in selecting the right route for them.

Tahoe Trip: The Tahoe trip is 10/6-10/8. The cost is $75. To fully cover expenses we will need about 12-14 people to sign up. Currently we have 7-8. We need to drum up interest in the trip. However, to date we have not publicized it and we should do this more vigorously.

Action: Dave will send out more information via e-mail and/or on the blog about the Tahoe trip.

Paypal: DSSF has joined paypal so that we are now able to take money using credit cards. People will not need to have a paypal account to pay the club. By the end of the year, our goal is to be able to sign up members off the DSSF website and not having to go through the clunky interface. This will also provide us with a simple alternative way to accept payments for jerseys and other club events. Check will still be accepted.

Action: Jerome will develop a way interface for signing up members using paypal.

Ride Calendar: The club has moved to posting rides through our website. The old yahoo group calendar was still visible (but not writable) for compatibility reasons. Now the discrepancy has become such that we need to delete it altogether.

Action: Michael will delete the Yahoo calendar. The official calendar is on the website

Monthly dinner: Different Spokes-Houston and Fast and Fab in NYC have monthly dinners as a way to stay in touch. Jerome moved that we experiment with this as a way to be social and stay in touch even we are not riding.

Action: Our first dinner with be Thursday September 28th at Tangerine website located at 3499 16th Street at Sanchez in San Francisco map Jerome will coordinate the first dinner.

Jersey: New members covet the club jerseys. There were some extra jerseys paid for by the club during the last order which are going to be available for sale. The decision was made to move these jerseys to the club inventory spot in Michael S garage. We also need to check with Chris about what would be required to generate another order of existing garments. The idea is to 1) know what we have in stock; 2) allow people to sign up for a future order and 3) put that in when the time comes.