Jersey Sightings

Our fabulous DSSF jerseys continue to be spotted around the county.

Last summer, an online friend in MA spotted a gal on one of her club rides:
“Last night at my regular Thurs night ride, there was a woman with a “Different Spokes, San Francisco” bike shirt on. At the end of the ride I talked to her, turns out she has moved here from SF and used to do lots of rides with your club. Silly me, though, I forgot to ask her name. I did tell her that I was in a chat group with someone who is actively involved with Different Spokes and your name is David, but didn’t know your last name. I loved the shirt and I really do love the
name of your group.”

Now I suspected this might have been Laura C, who served on the board and moved to Boston last year, but it turns out not to have been her.

And another friend from FL, who was in Michigan doing the DALMAC posted this sighting to me yesterday:
“David, I can’t believe I forgot to mention this sooner: guess what I saw on DALMAC up in Michigan??? A gentleman wearing a Different Spokes jersey (just like the one you’re wearing in one of the pics of you for the AIDS/LifeCycle ride)!! I asked him if he rides with your group but he said no, he just saw the jersey when he was surfing the net and really liked it so ordered one on-line. He’s actually from Madison, Wisconsin.”

So where else have you seen a Different Spokes jersey?