And the winner(s) are…

In January, I solicited for nominations for club member’s favorite organized ride, and then members were able to vote for their favorite of those choices.

Of the eight (8) single day organized ride nominated, the top choice was the Tour of Napa Valley. Held in August this has certainly been one of my favorites, although not the first century I ever did. Close (very close) in the number two position, is the Tierra Bella, held in April each year, and third place honors went to the Chico Wildflower, also held in April.

Tierra Bella 2013

Interesting to note is the absence of the Wine Country Century, a good choice for a first century for any rider, and one that falls on the first Saturday of May, allowing for folks to get prepared for it. And it sells out quickly each year, this year on the first day. There are certainly earlier centuries, the Tour de Palm Springs being held this Saturday, and the Solvang Century in March.

Wine Country 2013

Thanks to those who submitted a nomination and for those who voted.

The nominees were:
–Tour de Palm Springs
–Tierra Bella
–Chico Wildflower
–Grizzly Peak Century
–Sequoia Century
–Indian Valley Century
–AIDS/LifeCycle (multiday)
–Tour of Napa Valley
–Double Bay Double
–Foxy’s Fall Century

The Different Spokes listing of 2013 organized rides will be updated soon, stay tuned.

American Conservatory Theater presents “4000 Miles”

Jaime Guerrero shared this on the DSSF Yahoo! list serve–

American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) presents “4000 Miles”:

A poignant comic theatrical drama in which a hot 21-year-old Leo unexpectedly arrives on the doorstep of his feisty 91-year-old grandmother Vera’s New York apartment, dazed after a cross-country bike trip.

Sparks fly as Vera’s surprising political views collide with Leo’s carefree hippie lifestyle. When Leo’s old girlfriend shows up and he begins to reveal the mysterious events of his journey, Leo and Vera discover the fragile line between growing up and growing old. The winner of two 2012 OBIE Awards (including Best New American Play), 4000 Miles is “a funny, moving, altogether wonderful drama” (The New York Times) from one of today’s most celebrated new playwrights.

A.C.T. presents:  4000 Miles

Looking for a great night out with your bike? The American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) and the SF Bicycle Coalition have partnered to bring you two Bike to Theater Nights for the play “4000 Miles”.

You won’t have to travel that far to get to A.C.T. (it’s just downtown), but when you bike to the theater on January 17th or 24th, you’ll enjoy a special discount to the show and complementary secure bike parking provided by the SF Bicycle Coalition!

To buy discount tickets, visit: and enter code TRAVEL10. ($35 Orchestra, $25 Mezzanine, or $10 Balcony).

2012 Best of Poll: Your Favorite Organized Ride

Solicitation were made thru both the club’s Yahoo! group list serve and the Facebook group for nominations for best event or ride of 2012. Nominations have been compiled into a poll.

Nominations included specifics, such as the infamous cold and rainy Day 2 of AIDS/LifeCycle 11, and Day 2 of Double Bay Double at the opposite end of the temperature spectrum. Rather than list each of those as a separate event (out of a seven or two day event, respectively), the event themselves are listed.

The other organized rides nominated are features in the poll, along with a link to the event. Please make your vote count, where a 10 is your favorite event (could be of the year or always), a one is just an event you have never done, and 2 through 9 serve as the in-between not liking an event or just an okay event.

Vote now in the 2012 Different Spokes “Best of” organized ride (or event) poll open now thru January 31st. The results will be tallied in February, so check back.

To vote, go here now”!

Different Spokes 30th Anniversary Primal Club store is now open!

The Different Spokes Primal Club Store with the 30th Anniversary Jersey/Kit is open now.
You can place your order your new 30th Anniversary jersey/kit featuring the new club logo!
You must complete your order by Monday, January 14th. The store closes then and the order will go to production. Do not miss your chance!

You can order your choice(s) of:
Men’s (unisex) jersey: $54.00*
Men’s wind vest: $60.00
Men’s wind jacket: $83.00
Men’s short: $70.00
Men’s bibs: $85.00

*Subject to reaching the price point of 50 items, price could be slightly higher if we do not reach that quantity.

Because there is a minimum of 15 items, we were unable to offer any of the items in the women’s cut. Sorry, there was not enough interest in the poll.
Please consider the men’s jersey, see the Primal size guide here:

Orders will ship in mid-April direct to you.
Shipping charges will be $10/order.

Go to:

You can view the 30 Year jersey and kit final proofs at this link:

If you have any questions, please contact me: president at dssf dot org

And many thanks again to Bob McDiarmid for the design!

Medicine of Cycling Six Week Class

Evan Kavanagh passes along this flyer and information about a six week class for the public called “The Medicine of Cycling” featuring expert physicians, psychologists, trainers, and specialists covering important concepts for cyclists like bike fit, metrics, psychology, nutrition, and of course aches and pains! The course was adapted from professional education programming for sports medicine physicians and will be very high quality, but still accessible for a public audience.

UCSF Medicine of Cycling 2013 flyer

Registration is discounted to $60 until February 1st for the six-lecture series. He has already signed up for the series which starts February 28th and runs thru April 4th, at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus from 7-8:45pm.

Double Bay Double incentive!

This just in from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation: All DBD2 riders who raise a total of at least $400 will receive a free commemorative 30th anniversary SFAF jersey! This is the same awesome jersey that you saw on ALC11 this year. So if you’ve been looking for a reason to make that last fundraising push, here it is.

And if you register for the event now and reach the $400 level, yes, you can have one of these, too.

Double Bay Double is half-full!

Registration for Double Bay Double 2.0 is at the halfway point for registered riders, the ride is limited to 50 riders.

339839 10150455976022738 826212737 10992092 392634851 o

What is DBD? It’s a 2-Day, 208-mile ride from Mountain View (on the shores of San Francisco Bay) to Marina (on the shores of Monterey Bay) and back.
Registration fee is just $35.00. There is a $300 fundraising minimum for each rider and all money raised goes to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

For more information and to register, go to:

How about a little early Saddle Challenge?

Kick off the New Year with some serious sweat courtesy of Strava. From January 6-31, you’re challenged to ride as many miles as you can. Put on those base miles, start the suffering early and build your foundation for 2012. Surprises (from Strava) are in store for the most dedicated competitors, so get ready to haul.

And while you’re there, join the Different Spokes club!

Ralston Bike Bridge

Jamie Guerrero took in the opening of the new Belmont Bicycle Pedestrian Bridge on Saturday, check out the photo:

He notes: “The peninsula’s most voluptuous bike bridge. Note the helmet-height and handlebar-height smooth scrape plates, and angled fence for anti-claustrophobia. The roadway is lit, not your eyes.”