China Camp picnic

I was hoping for nice weather for the club picnic, but who would have guessed the heat wave that arrived, that it would be80 degrees when I parked behind McLaren Lodge for the ride to and from the picnic. 80 degrees at 8:30 in the morning in the City! That did not keep eight of us (Larry, Rico, Cory, Doug, Michael, Will and Peter) from joining Jerome for the ride to the picnic site at Buckeye Point. Roger provided the morning food SAG, collecting food and beverages as they arrive by car or by bike at McLaren lodge for transportation. Meanwhile Patrick and Les were collecting and transporting beverages, ice and the picnic staples.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was interesting, the temperature drop once we were on the bridge was dramatic, as was the immediate rise in temperature on the Marin side, even before arriving at the parking lot at Conzelman. We regrouped for coffee and snacks at Rulli Gran Cafe in Larkspur before making our way over Wolfe Grade and on to China Camp State Park.

Before the day was over, we had nearly 30 members and guests, including Aaron and Simone, Derek, Wly, John, Cameron, Larry’s partner Trevor and their friend Diane, Will’s new beau Kevin, and Jade and her girlfriend. Stephanie was joined by David G3 and Nancy for the pre-picnic training ride to the Bovine Bakery and back.

When it came to the return trip back, riders were bailing left and right. In the end, only Doug, Jerome and I returned to McLaren Lodge, and once we got over Camino Alto, the temperatures started dropping. Peter and Michael followed us to Larkspur, where they turned off to catch the ferry back toi the City. Unfortunately for them, the schedule someone had looked up was for weekdays, and they ended up waiting over an hour and a half for the next ferry back.

Thanks all for making it a great day!