Saddle Challenge 2011 – Update #2

After more than three weeks into the challenge (and the weather is certainly making this challenging), Gordon Dinsdale has edged out Danni Mestaz, both in miles completed and percent complete. But not by much; with identical mileage goals, 500 miles each, Gordon has logged 412 miles and Danni is on his rear tire at 374 miles. And not far behind them, David Goldsmith has logged 328 miles.

The miles champion for one day goes to Larry L’Italien, with 103.8 miles, with William Bir in second with 100.4 miles. Congratulations to you both, centuries completed in March!

Gordon has also rode the most days, 19 days out of 22.

Other stats:
1993 miles have been ridden so far.
The two biggest days are Saturday the 5th with 438 miles, and Saturday the 12th with 426 miles.

We’ve raised $149 towards our goal of $290.

It still not too late to sign up! Just go to and enter your first and last name, and the password [ask us], and then you can retroactively enter your miles of the month.

Happy riding!