Well, everyone else seems to be focused on that other election. But we’re focused on the election that really matters: the DSSF 2020 Board! Current Different Spokes SF members are eligible to vote for the 2020 board candidates during the election period, which runs from January 1 to 31. We currently have about 73 members who may vote but only 19 of you have done so to date. (If you’re one of the 23 whose membership expired on January 1 and haven’t renewed yet, you can rejoin and then vote.) Why put it off? Just log into the DSSF website and cast your ballot before it’s too late. You’re determining the future of our club!

Yes, it’s an uncontested election with David Goldsmith nominated for President, David Gaus for Vice President, Jeff Pekrul for Secretary, and Roger Sayre for Treasurer. Yes, it’s the roughly the same ‘rogues gallery’ but you can cast a write-in vote if you really want someone else to run the club. If the election is uncontested, why is it important to vote at all? Because the board needs your support. No, not just the other members’ but yours. The club is not the board’s private fiefdom. The board is here to serve you. The board tries to do what it thinks is in the best interests of the club but ultimately it comes down to you giving input. And the most important feedback is the annual election. Voting is the easiest way to show you’re all in with the club and its current direction. (Of course, a better way to show your support is to offer your services to the club either by joining the board or volunteering in other ways such as leading a ride!)

Seriously, the board needs your vote. If your membership has recently lapsed, please rejoin. Voting is easy. If you missed it, here’s the link to the election: