Bear With Us

Kumbaya moment at the FS ride

Despite a late change in plans we had a delightful Fall Social after all. The event was postponed a week due to the bomb cyclone and moved to Orinda just in time for moody fall weather: sun, overcast, sun, overcast, and finally sun. This year’s ad hoc FS put nothing over on Thomas Keller but participants happily made do with rotund burritos from the local Mexicatessen. Alas, you will have to wait another year for the return—hopefully—of freshly grilled turkey.

All told eleven came out for a calm jaunt around the Three Bears. Contra Costa County roadworks has been busy this year laying down a pancake flat sheet of new asphalt along Castro Ranch Road and then finally repairing a washed out section of Alhambra Valley Road. For bonus points they were currently busy repairing the recently collapsed section of Bear Creek Road. From the looks it won’t be long before they’re done too. As is custom Mama proved she’s a tough bitch and Papa made sure we knew who was Daddy. But everyone made it through with minimal cursing. One week after the torrential downpour the East Bay hills were perking up green after a grim brown spring and summer—a sign of hope?

To add extra fun climbing points we went up Wildcat and took Old El Toyonal to the cabin. Once at Orinda Manors we were greeted by hostess-with-the-mostest Roger as well as President David and First Man Chris. Most preferred to order Mex food rather than schlep up some grotty bento concoction. David Gaus and Roger then went down to retrieve the goodies. In the meantime we were all ensconced on the back deck with sunshine gabbing away. After the repast Roger brought out homemade lemon bars made with lemons he had grown. Somehow despite gordito burritos folks made room for them.

Thanks to Chris and David Goldsmith for bringing over the club drinks and to David Gaus and Roger Hoyer for getting the grub, and for David Gaus for leading the ride.