2022 Centuries: August-October [Updated 9/11/22]


6 Saturday. Marin Century. $60-100. 122-, 101-, 86-, 61-, and 24-mile routes. No additional information on the 2022 Marin Century yet.

7 Sunday. Civilized Century. $40. 100-, 75-, 60- and 35-mile routes. Registration opens June 1. Limited to 200 riders. Here’s the ‘new kid on the block’. The 100-mile route starts in Redwood City goes up to SFO and returns before crossing the Dumbarton and returning around the South Bay with a total of only 1,000 feet elevation gain–flat! SOLD OUT.

20 Saturday. Cool Breeze Century. $85. 125-, 107-, 95-, 60- and 34-mile routes. A pleasant, not-too-difficult century down in Ventura county with great weather. No Class 3 e-bikes allowed. Registration is open. Limit of 2,000.

?. Crater Lake Century. No information yet. This event was cancelled in 2021.

21 Sunday. Tour of Napa Valley. $90-80. 64- and 3-mile routes. The 2021 event was cancelled. No information yet whether Eagle Cycling Club will put on the Tour this year. The club is no longer offering the Tour of Napa Valley and apparently it is now being operated by a local cycling/running shop in Napa, The Athletic Feat. However the event is substantially different than in the past consisting now of two flat routes on the Silverado Trail. SOLD OUT.


3 Saturday. Tour de Fuzz. 100-, 62-, and 35-mile routes. $89-$109. Registration opens 3/21. is open. The 100-mile route is similar to the Wine Country metric century but has a long excursion up Rockpile Rd. and a jaunt up to Cloverdale and back. SOLD OUT.

10 Saturday. Best Buddies Challenge. More information and registration opening in late January. Last year there was a $50 fee plus $1,550 minimum fundraising. 30, 62, or 100 miles but will be different routes than in past because of closure of Hearst Ranch.

10-17 Saturday to Saturday. Cycle Oregon. $1,250. 272 to 443 miles. Limit of 1,500. Cycle Oregon is back! Awesome week-long road tour of Oregon’s small towns now with gravel road options. Registration not open yet is now open! Registration will close on August 30. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED.

17-18 Saturday & Sunday. Bike MS: Waves to Wine. $350 minimum fundraising goal. Two-day ride with routes from 100 to 40 miles. First day starts in San Francisco, the next in Rohnert Park. Registration is open.

24 Saturday to Sunday. Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS. Registration fee and then minimum fundraising amount. 100-, 62-, 47-, 28- and 9-mile routes. Registration is open.

24 Saturday. Lighthouse Century. $85. 100-, 75- and 50-mile routes. Limit of 1,000. San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club’s other century. From Morro Bay a detour inland before heading back to the coast and halfway up Highway 1 and back. SOLD OUT.

25 Sunday. Jensie Gran Fondo. No information yet other than date. Rides through West Marin on a route similar to the Marin Century.


1 Saturday. Best of the Bay. Double century (197 miles) only this year. $155. A grand tour of the East Bay including up Mt. Diablo. Registration doesn’t seem to be open yet. Registration is now open.

1 Saturday. Sacramento Century Challenge. $85-55. 101-, 60-, 35-, and 15-mile routes. Flat rides in the Sacramento River delta similar to TOSRD. Registration is open.

8 Saturday. 3F Century. $60-40. 100-, 63-, and 39-mile routes. Out of Colusa, CA. Flat rides near and around the Sutter Butes. Limited to 600. Registration is open.

15 Saturday. Foxy Fall Century. $70-35. 100-, 62-, and 31-mile routes. No information yet. Limited to 1,500. Registration is now open!

15 Saturday. Tour de Lincoln. $65-45. 100-, 50-, and 25k routes. Riding in the hills north of Lincoln, CA. Registration is open.

?. Tour of the Sacramento River Delta (TOSRD). No information yet. Annual ride from Brannan Island to Sacramento via the Delta on Saturday and return on Sunday. Stay at La Quinta near old town. Includes lunch on Saturday and a post-ride bbq on Sunday. Brannan Island State Recreation Area is closed without an operator, so the event is in question for the moment.