Just in time for Easter and Passover the club finally held a ride on April Fools Day. The last club ride was February 19. After that the heavens opened up—again—and we started looking for Noah’s ark! Every single club ride in March was cancelled although not all of them because of rain. But we finally had a clear weekend and not only was it free of rain but it was also brilliantly sunny making for a belated spring day.

It was a simple, easy jaunt from Orinda to Moraga and then down to Danville for lunch. The good weather brought out a lot of folks ambulating and strutting so the six of us had plenty of company on the Lafayette-Moraga Regional and the Iron Horse trails. Everybody was in a good mood! Alas, not many Easter bonnets were seen but perhaps they’re saving them up for next weekend! (You do have your Easter bonnet ready, don’t you?)

In Danville we rolled by Domenico’s–I was very much looking forward to their salads–but the outdoor tables in the sunshine were packed with folks finally able to enjoy the good weather and a delicious lunch. So we strolled over to Sultan’s Kebab instead and had the entire outdoor patio to ourselves. Much conversation later we remounted and rolled back to Orinda the quick way through Lafayette.

We are all very much looking forward to more days like today!


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