Foxy’s Fall Century

DSSF members and ALC friends converged on Davis for the Foxy’s Fall metric and century rides this year. It was dark when we parked, and I had to remind myself that it was mid-October. So while we got a later start for the century than I would have liked, all turned out find for a relatively flat (near) century (this years route was modified, and instead of being 102 miles, was down to 95.)

The first 24 miles were relatively flat, quick and and the groups got split up, a stop light or two facilitated some of the split. Eventually Gordon and I caught up with Bob McD, who was again riding on “fire” similar to day two of the Double Bay Double. If I remember correctly, RS# 1 is where the metric route splits, and we left Bob there, and he waited for the rest of the metric group to arrive there. I tried to convince him to join us on the century route, but he held true to sticking with the metric group. I later got a text from him wondering if there were any hills, on the century compared to the metric.

Lunch was at Wooden Valley School at mile 50, with a water stop in between. David’s B and S caught up with us there, and just as we were leaving, so did Nancy. It was warmer out here, and the main climb of the day, Highway 121 on the way to Moscowite Corner was next. An interesting feature on this ride, they have on-the-bike SAG on the route, in addition to the vehicles with bike racks. There was a couple on a tandem, in fact.

Rest stop 3 was at Lake Solano Park, and Gordon and Scott pointed out that this was one of the overnights on Sierra to the Sea, and the reverse climb is called Cardiac Hill. Oh joy, since I am planning to do that next year. The last 22 miles brought us along tree lined roads before the outskirts and neighborhoods on the way to the Veterans Memorial ride start. And to my pleasure, I finished my first century in 6 hours (exactly.) I enjoyed Foxy’s, it being a nice day, a great group and no headwinds! 🙂