In case you missed the news, the Warm Springs BART station is finally going to open up for service in just two weeks, on Saturday March 25. You can read the details here. Warm Springs station is near the Tesla plant in Milpitas, about five miles further south than the Fremont BART station.

The new station will make getting to South Bay rides a little easier. Getting to Penitencia Creek Park, the traditional start of the Mt. Hamilton ride, will be a little bit shorter, 10 miles instead of 15 or 16. The return on BART for the SF to SJ ride will be more tempting, only 15 miles instead of 20, for those of us who live in the East Bay because returning by Caltrain will always involve a transfer over to BART anyway, and it’s a shorter BART ride if you start at Warm Springs.

The Warm Springs station is also a little closer to some great rides, Calaveras, Felter, and Sierra Roads (not to mention Mt. Hamilton). And if you like bike paths, the Coyote Creek path is very close by, which you can connect with the Guadalupe River path and then back to the southern part of the Coyote Creek trail and take it all the way to Anderson Reservoir in Morgan Hill.

Weekday and Saturday rides should be easily accessible because BART opens early. But Sunday rides are going to be somewhat constrained because the earliest train from SF leaves around 8 a.m. and arrives at Warm Springs by 9 a.m.