Evil Stepsisters


The “Pineapple Express” blew out of the Bay Area just in the nick of time for the Evil Stepsisters to sashay over Mt. Tam, deftly avoiding any puddles that would soil their gowns! Of course postponing the departure by one hour dearly helped. Here’s the report from Drizella (Jeff Pekrul) herself:

“It was just Scott Stephens and I today on the Evil Stepsisters. Too bad, it was a good day to ride as the rain stopped a few hours before we left Peet’s at 10. We did the loop clockwise (not the ‘Evil’ way). It never rained although it was really foggy on Ridgecrest between Rock Spring.


They have barricades on Ridgecrest at Rock Springs and at Bo-Fax Rd, however we went around it and rode it anyway. There was a mud slide across the road in the “seven sisters” (seven bitches?) area, but we were able to ride through it OK. It may be cleared by the time Roger rides it tomorrow. By the time we got to Fairfax it was sunny and beautiful. We had a late lunch at Perry’s deli and took our time on the return leg of the ride. It was after 5 pm when we finally reached the Castro area in SF. We saw some great wildflowers although not as many poppies as I’m used to seeing at this time of year. We saw literally dozens of waterfalls and streams along the side of the road that are not normally there, it was phenomenal. The stream in Mill Valley was really raging and the spillway at Alpine Dam was releasing an incredible amount of water (photo).”