Saddle Challenge 2018

This year’s Saddle Challenge had six official participants, rode a total of 2,346 miles, and raised about $373 for Project Inform. Here is how this year’s event compared to the past few previous years:


2018            2,346 miles            6 riders            $373

2017            2,381 miles            10 riders            $452

2016            2,835 miles            14 riders            $523

2015            4,435 miles            11 riders            $493


As was the case last year, we had another very wet March that inevitably diminished enthusiasm for logging miles yet participants still managed to raise a good chunk of change. We had nearly a full calendar of rides set up this year—nine rides, almost one for every weekend date—but five were rained out. Ironic to say, but drought years may be good for Saddle Challenge although probably for nothing else!

This year we offered incentives for Saddle Challengers, some for those who raised the most money for Project Inform and some for those who participated in the most Saddle Challenge rides.


Sal Tavormina            Most $ 1st            Spurcycle bell

Matthew Bittleston            Most $2nd             Bontrager Flare R taillight

Gordon Dinsdale            Most $ 3rd            Bontrager 100R headlight

Gordon Dinsdale            Most miles 1st            Road to Valor by Aili & Andres McConnon

Jerome Thomere            Most miles 2nd            Mountain Biking the San Francisco Bay Area by Lorraine Jackson

Special thanks to ride leaders for hosting a Saddle Challenge ride—David Gaus, Tony Moy, Roger Hoyer, Joseph Collins, Stephanie Clarke, Ron Hirsch, Gordon Dinsdale, David Sexton, and David Goldsmith. Thanks also to David Gaus and Tony Moy for the donation of the prizes.