“Making Communities Stronger Through Bicycles”

I don’t make it a habit of writing about other junk I see on the Internet (other than stuff you should either buy or avoid). But this morning I saw something on Seth Davidson’s blog that summarized a myriad of thoughts that have been running through my mind for several years:

“I also got to hang out with Will Holloway, the founder and big boss of S. O L. A REAL RYDAS, along with his lieutenants Henry and Gee-Man. Will, like John Jones, has a vision for making communities stronger through bicycles. “People have to get out of where they are comfortable and meet other people,” he said. “The bike wheels make a rotation, and that rotation, going round and round, is what brings us together. You gotta keep the rotation going.”

I and a few others have thought that Different Spokes was more than just a LGBT-positive venue to ride bikes/talk bikes/fondle bikes–it’s a community. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a community but it is. That’s not a part of our original vision and mission statement but maybe it should be. How can you make your community stronger?


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