Assume The Position

Assume The Position
“Is this what you’re looking for, boy?”

One does not willingly don shackles except under duress…or when the prospect of pain and pleasure mix to provide a heady bromide. Regardless I am now your ride coordinator at least until another slave/volunteer steps forward, in which case I will happily step aside. Let the games begin…

We have not had a formal ride coordinator for almost two years. In that time certain niceties have been lost such as David Goldsmith’s tracking of miles ridden by club members and his grisly list of riding stats. However he has been gracious enough to handle ride waivers in the interim and we owe him more than a simple ‘thank you’ for his tenure first as ride coordinator and then as ride waiver mistress as well as for originating and planning the Ride Leader Appreciation dinners. It’s nice that the club is finally doing something to thank ride leaders beyond mere verbal appreciation.

Reign of Terror

Here’s what I hope to shepherd along as your RC.

– Increase knowledge and awareness of the club insurance policy especially for ride leaders.

– Increase retention of new riders.

– Provide feedback from ride participants to ride leaders.

– More mountain bike/dirt rides!

– More delicious food on club rides!

– Find/train my replacement as soon as possible.

If you have pearls of wisdom (or discipline) you would like to share with me as I embark on this journey, contact

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  1. Thanks for volunteering and welcome aboard! I hope you find more pleasure and less pain than you are expecting….


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