Bovine & Cowgrll

David and I were joined by Jerome, Will, Dave and Jon, and two gals from the East Bay, Jodi and Jean for the out and back/Point Reyes Station loop from the Millwood Community Center in San Rafael. While we had some headwinds along the way to Nicasio and past the reservoir, it was a pleasant day.

Leaving Point Reyes Station, Jodi and Jean suggested taking Bear Valley Road, which led to a bit of confusion as we got separated from Dave, Jon and Will. Bear Valley is a very pleasant road which loops around back to Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Olema (can’t we skip the Olema hill one time?). Great ride and company!

More pictures here!

The Saddle Challenge is on!

The Saddle Challenge 2010 is on at:

To register, type your first and last name and the password “SC2010”

But what is it?

It is the club’s annual event in March to challenge each other to get out on our bikes and ride!
So choose a goal for yourself: 100 miles, 300 miles, 900 miles…!
Whenever you come back on the SC page, you’ll be able to log your miles, watch your progress and see what other members are doing.

Don’t forget: every mile count. So, if you commute with your bike, it’s even better!

The Saddle Challenge is also a way for members to raise money for Project Inform where Ron Wilmot, a long time DSSF started a fundraising ride, the Ron Wilmot ride. You can choose to pledge per mile or a lump sum. Of course this part is entirely optional.

How do I sign up again?
Easy: go to

Enter your first name, your last name and the password “SC2010”
Then set up your goal and optionally the amount you want to pledge (you can always modify the values at any time).


Approximately 12 riders joined fearless leader David Goldsmith and myself for this lovely ride over to Caffé Rulli in Larkspur and back. These included fellow FrontRunners Tim Offensend and Bruno Olhshausen as well as many of our regulars, such as our pres David Gaus, Doug Sabo, Evan, Tim (a new DS rider), Rob, Lee and others. The sky was cloudless and the sun was out in all its glory though it was still a bit crisp in the city at the start. By the time we made it to the bridge, most of us had shed our extra layers, leggings, arm warmers, etc.

We had a nice rest stop at Rulli’s and then headed back. It was still mostly sunny though a few clouds had entered the picture and it was slightly colder on the return trip. Everyone had a nice ride back save our newbie, Tim, who unfortunately got a major blowout just before the climb back up Camino Alto and thus had to walk to REI to get a new tire, the old one being useless. We bumped into Joseph Collins at the Sausalito side of the bridge on the way back as he was leading a Cat 2 ALC training ride and bemoaning the loss of his pink handlebar tape but sporting a brand new sensible black one. After returning to the city folks could get on with their afternoon plans, mine (as well as a few others, I understand) included watching the Saints come back and beat the favoured Colts in the Super Bowl; all in all a very excellent day.

DS Caffe Ride 2-7-10 001

DS Caffe Ride 2-7-10 002

DS Caffe Ride 2-7-10 003

DS Caffe Ride 2-7-10 004

L’Alpe du Fromage

Three intrepid riders – myself, Nancy, and Evan – set out from San Rafael for a 33 mile jaunt through the Marin suburbs and back country. We were treated to a beautiful winter ride with sights rarely seen – a nearly-full Nicasio reservoir, plentiful and rushing water flowing through the creek that runs down the back side of Lucas Valley Road, and an empty parking lot (and no waiting) at the Cheese Factory at lunchtime.

I did not even realize there was a creek that ran alongside Lucas Valley Road  – I had never seen running water there – but on this particular day, it was spectacular.

A few minutes of rain at the very end of the ride did not spoil what was otherwise a glorious day for riding.


Stage Road From Pescadero

6 riders braved the January weather in Pescadero. We all drove through a deluge on Highway 1 before arriving at Pescadero, then spent the first hour of the “ride” having coffee and tea in the bakery and country store, lusting after the baked goods, and debating the merits of riding vs. the warm artichoke soup at Duarte’s. Great hanging out with Wly, Scott, Nancy, Frank, and Patrick for a while – but I’m glad we decided to take off on our bikes around 11 – the sky cleared, and we were rewarded with a beautiful day.

One of the goals of this ride was to help us get in shape for spring and summer riding. Good thing – several of us (myself included) discovered that we were quite out of shape after a winter of hibernating and not doing much riding. When I caught up with the fitter riders in San Gregorio, my thought was “I can’t believe I ever rode 100 miles on the same day before.” Things will get easier as the season develops.

It was a classic coastside ride on a gorgeous day – beautifully verdant hills on Stage Road, clear air as we rode down Highway 1, providing great vistas, and running water in Gazos Creek.






Just a sweet little ride around the city

Yesterday was the first ride in a ride series promoted and put together by David Goldsmith; a series of progressively longer rides, leading up to a possible first century (the Wine Country Century in May), or just for those interested in getting out and to begin getting some miles in.

Evan, David, Anna, Thomas, Joe, Rico

Thomas, Evan K, Anna, Rico and Joe joined David and I for “Our Destination is Destination“, heading first to Golden Gate Park, taking JFK to the Great Highway. We regrouped at the restrooms near the zoo, where Dennis caught up with us (actually, he was waiting for us; he missed us at the start and somehow got ahead of us.) Thomas unfortunately had a flat, and then Dennis joined him. Two new tubes later, we headed off to circle Lake Merced, then began the only significant climbing of the ride, up Sloat and St. Francis Boulevards, and over to Glen Park where we stopped at Destination Baking Company for a snack.

Destination Bakery

A delightful ride, without a doubt and great company! The next ride in the series is Saturday, January 16th, from Millwood Community Center to Nicassio and back!